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8 Awesome Kitchen Lighting Kits to Fit Any Budget

Your kitchen is where you cook delicious meals, gather with friends and family, and, for many, serves a central hub. Since the kitchen is where most families spend the bulk of their time, space must be designed just right, especially when it comes to lighting. Ahead, see 8 awesome kitchens lighting kits to fit any budget—chandeliers, pendants, flush-mounts, globes—suited for a wide range of sensibilities.

1. Awesome Track Lighting: 5-Light Kitchen Track Lighting Kit


One awesome kitchen light style is track lighting, which typically features multiple fixtures that you can angle in different directions. The 5-Light Kitchen Track Lighting Kit is a highly functional option for your kitchen, allowing you to light hard-to-reach areas with its multi-directional heads. A stunning Kitchen ceiling spotlight like this will certainly bring enhancement to any modern and contemporary interior.


2. Awesome Flush Mount: Mid-century Modern Flush Mount Ceiling Lamp


Flush mount lights are a popular choice in kitchens, as they attach to the ceiling with little to no gap between the fixture and the ceiling. Featuring a petal form design, this kitchen ceiling lamp reminiscent of a bold flower bloom all finished in a versatile metallic tone that keeps the ceiling lamp vivid and exquisite. This type of kitchen lighting is beneficial for many households, as it requires little cleaning and will never be in the way—an important consideration if you have low ceilings or a small kitchen.


3. Awesome Pendant: Modern 1 Light Single Dome Pendant


Pendant lights hang down from the ceiling, and you won’t find a more versatile option than the modern 1 light single dome pendant light. The standard one-light ceiling light is a great deal, and these products come with several features that make them perfect for the kitchen. This striking ceiling pendant light with its hemispherical shade also provides excellent downward light that is bright enough for your kitchen area. Reviewers say these pendant lights look very luxe, yet come at an unbeatable price. 


4. Awesome Chandelier: Modern 10-Light Branch Chandelier


For a more glamorous kitchen light, the Modern G9 bulbs Branch Chandelier will make a bold statement without overwhelming the room.  Like tree branches shimmering in the sky, this modern kitchen island lighting takes inspiration from the beauty of nature, but its unique geometrical form and the stunning function transcend the trees for a spectacular statement piece perfect in your kitchen island or any other rooms. This branch chandelier offers a luxe presentation and superior lighting.


5. Awesome Ceiling Light: 6-Light Semi-Flush Ceiling Light


The ceiling light is installed into an opening in the ceiling so they don’t stick out at all. For barely-there recessed kitchen lights, you should consider this semi-flush ceiling light. The short suspension of this sputnik light allows it to fit low ceiling heights, while its adjustable hanging rod lets you tweak its height to fit your space. More than just illumination, this ceiling light with distinctive sputnik design will work as an aesthetic focal point for your home.


6. Awesome LED Light: Nordic Semi Flush Mount LED Light


For a top-rated flush mount light, the Nordic Semi Flush Mount LED Light is the perfect affordable option for your home. This type of ceiling light is beneficial for many households, as it requires little cleaning and will never be in the way—an important consideration if you have low ceilings or a small kitchen. One special feature of this flush mount is its edge-to-edge lighting design, which provides consistent illumination throughout the fixture. This means you’ll never have any dark corners in the kitchen—a helpful bonus when cooking.


7. Awesome Crystal Chandelier:  Luxury Sputnik Firework Crystal Chandelier


The awesome sputnik light fixture dazzles with thousands of faceted crystal beads that create a magical presentation similar to freshly fallen snow glistening through rays of the sun. Despite being reminiscent of a beautiful bouquet in the dreamlike winter world, this crystal chandelier is perfect year-round. As if in a dream, this sputnik chandelier will guide you to where you need to go.


8. Awesome Glass Pendant:  Modern 3-light Dimmable Glass Cluster Pendant


This stunning cluster pendant light features a cluster of 3 bubble Clear Globe glass shades, providing two types of canopies to choose from round and rectangular canopies. This glass pendant is dimmable so that you can adjust it to your desired ambiance. If you want to illuminate and refresh your kitchen space with this contemporary light, you should have a try!

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